Global impact

Engaging with the world

The University that began on the South Side of Chicago is making an impact in every corner of the globe. Our international community of faculty, students, and alumni research, study, and connect through hundreds of programs, initiatives, and partnerships in more than 48 nations.

Global perspective

The University of Chicago has been a global intellectual destination since its founding—drawing students and faculty from around the world. Today, we are an international community of scholars who collaborate on our Chicago and international campuses—extending the reach and impact of our work.

Global challenges

We are actively working to solve pressing societal challenges—from fighting poverty and inequality to combating climate change and improving global health and education. Through research, education, collaborations, and community outreach, UChicago is improving lives around the corner and around the world.

Global footprint

Our international campuses and centers in Beijing, Delhi, Hong Kong, London, and Paris expand collaborative opportunities for scholarship and education, supporting faculty and student researchers while engaging alumni across the world.

Global scholarship

Some of the world’s most respected institutions have recognized UChicago faculty, students, and alumni for their scholarly contributions.

Advancing ideas that advance humanity

UChicago scientists are unraveling the universe's biggest mysteries, including dark matter, dark energy, and the expansion of the universe.
UChicago scholars are developing new technologies that will help one billion people without access to clean water.
Through research, policy, and innovation, UChicago scholars are combating climate change.
UChicago researchers demonstrated that investing in early childhood education is the most cost-effective path to social benefits, including greater economic growth to lower crime rates.
UChicago Urban Labs tests policies and programs to help address crime, education, energy and environment, health, and economic opportunity for all.

Established in Chicago—at home around the world

For more than a century, UChicago students and faculty have studied and worked in other countries and in collaboration with scholars all over the world. Today, the University extends beyond Chicago with hundreds of programs.


international students from nearly 115 countries


international campuses and centers


of faculty from outside the US


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faculty members teach internationally